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your tour guide in Jerusalem and Israel

The Walls of Jerusalem Old City

© Eitan Simanor


I am an english speaker tour guide, licensed from the ministry of tourism

I am based in Jerusalem.

I am also a freelance photographer. All the photos on this site are mine, taken in the 4 corners of Israel.

© Eitan Simanor

The old stones in the Land of Israel maintain a fascinating dialogue with the Bible and the Old Testament.

The Land of Israel, at the junction of ancient major roads linking continents, offers a unique glimpse onto the history of humanity, from its dawn till today, thanks to its climate, its topography and its exceptional geographical situation, making it the ultimate land of passage.

Did you know that some 500 Million migrating birds fly along the Jordan valley, between Europe and Africa, twice a year?!

Moreover Jerusalem is a holy city for Judaism, Christianity and Islam. 

My aim is to offer you this mesmerizing Levant on a silver plate!

The Ecce homo chapel and Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem


The Dead Sea valley with the Masada rocky outcrop in background

what I offer you is exceptional

Through my combined activities as a tour guide and photographer I have acquired
precious skills which I put at your disposal 

 I have an intimate knowledge of the habits and customs IN THE LAND OF ISRAEL, thanks to which I will always take you to the right spot.


The church of the Holy Sepulcher


Makhtesh Ramon - Negev desert

I have a good knowledge of the outdoor in Israel, of its exceptional spots

thanks to an extensive network I can spontaneously organize or improvise additional relevant activities


olive picking in Samaria

what Israel offers you is exceptional

let the photographs tell the story

contact me

licensed from the
ministry of tourism


if you have any question please fill in this form

I respond asap!

thanks for your message!


The Western Wall

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